The Fruit of Wisdom & Influence

Where It All Begins

Your identity is foundational to not only how you perceive yourself, but how you impact the world around you. Identity is a powerful force, so it’s critical your sense of identity is rooted in truth. A strong sense of true identity is like a tidal wave surge – it may not seem like much on the surface, but it has the power to radically alter the landscapes it encounters.

Your identity is unlocked as you discover the truths in these five keys:


Knowing where you came from is a huge deal. It gives you insight into who you were made to be, the culture of your homeland and the inheritance of your generations.

Original Design

You were made with a purpose. Your original design is something to which you can aspire, knowing that you were made with intention to fulfill a purpose on the earth.

Created Potential

Like an acorn contains the power of a mighty oak, so you have an untapped power within you. Discovering your created potential gives you the tools to live with purpose.


Your identity means that you belong to a family. Belonging is a powerful concept. It means you are not alone. There are people with whom you are meant to be.


Identity means you are a citizen of a larger culture. Citizenship grants you the rights, privileges and authorities of your spiritual & emotional “homeland”.