Opening Doors of Opportunity

The Acceleration of Open Doors

Doors of opportunity naturally open to you as your influence grows. People recognize you, companies see your value and your gifts make room for you. The struggles of figuring out who you are and discovering your authority give way to a grace and flow as you operate more and more in your gifts, call and purpose.

Favor requires great wisdom to discern the best path of growth:


Favor creates doors of opportunity. As people recognize your authority and influence, they will invite you into their spheres of influence. These invitations will allow you to engage in new realms and exercise your influence in new areas.


Favor creates relational connections that might not have been there otherwise. You’ll find yourself in the midst of people you never thought possible because of your favor. Connection creates strategic exchange, facilitating even greater growth.


Favor, stewarded wisely, is like a snowball. It has the potential to increase very quickly and accelerate your growth. This is the biggest reason wisdom is needed, so that you can roll that acceleration into healthy growth rather than chaotic momentum.