Your Identity Impacting the World

Identity in Action

Knowing who you are lays the foundation for you to walk with confidence. As you walk, you establish – your authority takes hold of the world around you. You begin to realize that when you are master of your internal world, you now have the capacity to change your external world. Your authority is the external expression of your internal identity.

Five elements of authority must be understood in order to walk in fullness:


From where do you get your authority? By what person or method does it come? What makes the authority you carry valid? Understanding the source of your authority is a huge key to walking it out.


For what reason do you have this authority? No authority exists without purpose. The purpose of your authority plays heavily into the purpose of your life. If you know one, you’ve got a very good clue to the other.


How far does your authority go? What are the boundaries of its influence? What you carry comes with a jurisdiction. The boundaries of authority allow you to maximize its effectiveness.


What is the nature of your authority? What does it look like in operation? More importantly, what does if feel like to use and how does it feel to be on the receiving end of your authority?


Is our authority delegated to us or intrinsic within us? Do we earn it or is it given? Knowing the kind of authority in which we walk gives us the confidence to develop and expand.