Meet Your Maker

The best way to know yourself is to know the One who made you.

Jesus the Man

Jesus as a historical figure is virtually indisputable, regardless of spiritual beliefs. The fact that he taught, had followers and even did miracles is part of a historical record acknowledged by Christians and non-Christians alike.

The fact that he died, was buried and that his body went “missing” are some of the most famous recognized and accepted historical facts of his earthly life.

He lived, breathed, ate, slept, laughed, got angry, mourned and celebrated just like every other person in history. Because he walked and experienced things like everyone else, he has the capacity to relate to each of us.

Jesus the Messiah

What makes Jesus so different are the claims he made while he was alive. He claimed – both directly and indirectly – to be the one true God – the God who made each of us. These claims destroy the integrity of his life and teachings…unless they’re true.

He also claimed he would die and be raised from the dead – an outlandish statement to every ear that heard it. But three days after he died, his disciples claimed he was alive again. They themselves each gave their own lives for this claim of a back-from-the-dead Jesus.

If these claims are true and we have the opportunity to know the one who made us, this becomes the most important thing we can do in life.

Jesus is for You

The One who made you is the One who is for you. Because he is who he says he is, he knows who you are and who he made you to be. More than that, he has the power to help you be that person.

1. Say Hello

Your first step is just to make the connection. Introduce yourself to Jesus and ask him to show you who he is. There’s no formula or ritual, just say, “Jesus, it’s me. I need to know who you are.”

2. Discover Jesus

There’s a lot to know about Jesus – a good start is the Bible’s New Testament. A lot of people would tell you to start with John. Ask Jesus and go with your gut. You can’t really go wrong.

3. Connect

Community is key. Healthy community is where there can be an exchange – a give and receive – between members. Look for vibrancy, honor and authenticity. These are hallmarks of true Jesus-oriented community.

Connect with Our Community

We are imperfect, passionate people who desire to be the best version of ourselves and know we can only get there on the firm foundation of Jesus.