This Before All

Put the First Things First

You don’t have to work in construction to know there is an order in which you build. No one in their right mind would try to build a roof before walls. Nor would they expect the walls to stand firm without a solid foundation.

So it is with life, vision and purpose. You must get the foundation right in order to build properly.

The very first pillar of living your vision is knowing your identity. The very best way of knowing your identity is connecting with the one who created you. This is not religion, or ritual or dogma or even belief. It is simply about relationship.

The offer on the table is to get to know Jesus the Messiah and align your life with the foundation he has prepared for you. This relationship will do more to ignite within you a life of vision and  purpose than any other resource on this site (or any other). Jesus is the key to leaving a legacy of impact and significance.

Jesus hung out with the people that religion said to stay away from. He reached out to those whose hope was gone. He lavished love on those who would hurt and betray him. He became the way out for all of us who thought we were trapped.

His love is just that BIG.

The only times God speaks from heaven in the New Testament, He speaks words of identity, affirmation and love for His son. He desires to speak those same things to you.