Life on Purpose

Fuel for Your Life

Finding your purpose in life can turn everything around. It will make your life immediately more meaningful, giving you a reason to bound out of bed in the morning instead of grouching your way to the coffee pot.

Living with purpose helps to make the tough times easier to deal with, the good times even better and each day touched by the spark of destiny.

Know What You Believe

Living with purpose starts with understanding your own personal system of values and beliefs. What is important to you? What really matters?

When you understand your beliefs, you can start to live by sticking to what is really important in your moral universe. You have an inbuilt list that you can use to guide the way you make decisions and priorities. It is the bedrock of integrity and how others will judge you. Living in alignment with your beliefs will earn you respect and trust from those around you and harmony in your inner self.

Clarify Your Priorities

Your priorities are shaped by your purpose. Once you know your life purpose, it becomes easier to work out what you want to do and how to achieve your goals. This clarity means that saying no to some things and a hearty yes to others becomes more natural, and with each decision your life will become more congruent with your purpose. This unlocks a meaninfulness to your decisions and allows you to move with greater intention.

Position Yourself for Balance

Once you’re comfortable with your life purpose, some of the striving and anxiety of life can ease off. You don’t have to work 24/7. You know how important it is to stay healthy, emotionally, and physically. People living with purpose make sure to connect with the people they love, and they don’t forget about self-care.

You were created with immeasurable value and no matter how big your purpose, you won’t get there if you burn out. A life of balance brings power to each area of that life.

Follow Your Passion

Pursuing your passion will help you find and nurture your purpose. Passion means energy and motivation; it means being really engaged with life and focusing on getting the most out of it.  It also means capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you and being willing to take risks.

Your passion is like a lighthouse on your journey – it is not the destination, but is a guidepost to get you where you need to go.

Find Fulfillment

This might sound a little surprising, but living a purposeful life brings enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment. Knowing your life purpose takes the anxious edge off things and allows you to feel grateful for where you are now, as well as excited for the future.

The purpose-filled life is one of fulfillment. It’s not going to be all sunshine and roses, but a purpose-filled life should be one where you have time to stop and smell the roses when they bloom. Enjoy the little moments, the “small” triumphs. Take time to celebrate. That sense of fulfillment is like an engine bringing greater empowerment to your purpose.

Live in the Present

Perhaps the best gift of a life of purpose is that you relish every moment. There’s no room in your life for regret because everything you do is part of the big adventure. You understand that every moment in your life – even the ones that hurt – are woven into the purpose and tapestry of your life.

Challenges and setbacks become easier to ride out because you know there is something to glean from every experience. Living in the present means taking stock of and appreciating the events and people around you. This grows a deeper sense of gratitude that allows you to see the bigger picture through your present circumstances.

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