What Drives You

Your Unique Why

You were made unique and what drives and inspires you is unique. You certainly share interests with others, but there is a unique synergy of interests, passions and values that go into your unique why. It’s when those things come together that your life takes on a fresh fire.

Finding Your Why

With every person’s “why” unique, it is a journey of discovery for each of us. There are many “ingredients” and each of them adds its own flavor to your life and purpose. For some people, these ingredients come together very quickly, creating a hard and fast “certainty” to life. For others, it takes a little longer, with lots of adjustments along the way.

Reclaiming Your Why

Even after we find our why, life can get messy. We end up dealing with the needs of the moment or a fallout from unforseen trauma. In those times, we can lose our why. When we do, life may become shallow, aimless. Uncertainty may overtake us and our why seems distant and out-of-reach. It may take time – sometimes a long time – but our why is still there. It may take some rediscovery and – perhaps – our why evolves out of the chaos of circumstances or the wounds of trauma. But no matter what has happened, your why can be reclaimed and you can live with fresh fire again.

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