Bringing Seeds to Fruition

What’s Inside?

Have you ever felt like there was more to you than what the world could see? I hope you’ve felt that way, because it’s true. How do I know? Well, because I know you were created with seeds of tremendous potential inside you.

Know What You’re Made Of

Life is relentless. Circumstances will challenge you. Trauma will try to break you. Relationships will leave their marks, positive and negative.

But if you know what’s inside you – the power that lies within – you become more than a conqueror. You can rule over your life and thrive even in the midst of the most challenging and demanding seasons of life.

An acorn may not know how tall a tree it will be, but there is no doubt that in every acorn lies the potential for a mighty oak. So, in you, there is no doubt there is potential for greatness.

The Unshakeable Hope

How can we be so certain this potential for greatness lies within us? Because the One who created us is great. Just as a mother and father produce a child who bears their characteristics – both inside and out – so, too, we bear the characteristics of the God who made us.

If God is all-powerful, we have the potential to be powerful. If God is all-knowing, then we have the capacity to gain knowledge. If God is forgiving, then we have the power to forgive.

It is the fact that we are made in the image of God that gives us the confidence to know those characteristics are in us. They may be buried deep or tarnished by trauma, but there is no doubt they are within us.

Bringing Forth Fruit

Remember the fun of hide-and-seek? How many hundreds or thousands of years have children found joy in the hiding and the seeking. It is the glofy of God to conceal a thing and the glory of kings to seek it out. The God who made us desires us to take joy in seeking out our true potential.

There is joy in the journey of self-discovery and it is even the journey itself that helps us to realize the fullness of our own created potential.

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