Made With Purpose

True Foundations

The word “design” will probably ruffle some feathers. But consider this: There is a greater chance of tossing the pages of a Webster Dictionary in the air and having them land in the proper alphabetical and numeric order than there is of you coming together by chance.

Like it or not, all of who you are points to the fact that you were designed. If you were designed, then that means you must have a purpose. Even if the “design” pill is hard to swallow, wouldn’t you rather live with purpose than without it? It is up to you to discover that purpose.

Finding Purpose

The quest for purpose has been embarked upon by millions of people for thousands of years. Most people see purpose as a destination – something to be achieved, even if on an ongoing basis.

But the true significance of your life’s purpose is found in the journey. Achievements are great and accomplishment satisfies to a degree, but purpose is a journey and if you can embrace that truth, you will find and be empowered along the way.

Larger Than Life

When we think of world-changers, we probably envision people like Mohandas Ghandi or Thomas Edison – the big names we learn about in school. But the reality is that all of us have been imbued with the power to transform the world around us.

We are all designed to be world-changers, but only those who consistently walk out there purpose will actually sow the seeds of change. We were made to leave a legacy that goes far beyond our own life.

A Future Harvest

How are your seeds of legacy doing? Have some been sown? Are some still in your pocket? Do you feel like some have been lost? Your life is designed to be a harvest for future generations. Learn how to sow your seeds well.

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